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Marine Commando Race (BMK)

legendary race with natural obstacles and a military background

Marine Commando Race - (BMK)

Marine Commando Race (BMK) is a legendary race with natural obstacles and a military background, held in Gdynia since 2010. The concept of the race alludes to the selection of soldiers for Special Forces, with the route prepared together with the Formoza marine commando unit. Over the years, the BMK has gained a reputation of “the hardest cross-country running event in Poland.”

The event is addressed to a broad sports and the military environment, that is soldiers, members of any uniformed services, as well as to runners not tied to any organisation at all. With the wide range of categories, diverse routes and obstacles as well as the extensive media coverage, the race attracts and brings together more and more running enthusiasts representing various levels of skill. 

The BMK is a tremendous physical and mental challenge. The race starts on the beach and it runs across several kilometres of sand, river channels, hundreds of metres of underground tunnels, numerous swamps, bogs and water obstacles. The classic route has a total of over 14 miles. The assignment makes you experience the thrill of the battlefield, where you face your greatest opponent – yourself. Yourself rested at the start and yourself tired during the race, especially over the last few miles before the finish line. You will not be offered a banana, an isotonic drink or super gadgets during the race. All you can get is a few rough words to motivate you to keep fighting. This is neither easy nor gentle. Still, the event attracts hundreds of adventurers every year. You can be one of them!

True memories are not built in front of a TV. There is no substitute for hard work. Nothing that is good comes easy. At the BMK, you will see for yourself that “the last easy run was at another race.” Joint the Marine Commando Race to create unforgettable memories, learn something about your friends and answer some life-changing questions that have been hunting you forever.
This is the BMK, a race unlike any other, created by enthusiasts and professionals for thrill-seekers. We are truly glad to welcome you here!
One race, plenty of possibilities.
The classic BMK distance is over 14 miles; you can choose your own category: 

Hard Historical, Hard, Hard X, Team

There is also a shorter distance:

Sprint, Team sprint

To respond to the needs of the competitors and those interested in our events, we offer two supplementary races in addition to the Marine Commando Race.

Operation RECRUIT

– every running enthusiast and fun lover can compete in this category. It is an excellent opportunity to explore the route completed a day before by the Marine Commando Race participants.
The over four-mile trail runs across a diverse forest terrain, moraine hills and the Gdynia Orłowo beach.

Young Commando

– an iconic obstacle course race for children. The event was initiated in 2012 and it keeps developing every year! A highly challenging terrain with natural obstacles – numerous hills, ditches, puddles, as well as obstacles such as a tyre trail, a dark tunnel, entanglements, walls, crawling under vehicles and many other. The race is an opportunity not only to test yourself but also to have tremendous fun.
Every participant will receive a medal and a gift. Runners compete in several age categories.